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Redbike is a small, specialist provider of innovative Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions to building owners and developers, designers, construction and facility management firms in Australia and New Zealand.

We provide our clients with a range of custom virtual design, construction and operations services to suit specific needs and extend the value of BIM through integrated information management, application development and software tools.

Redbike builds on more than 25 years in Architectural technology, systems development and customisation; and specialist applications of Autodesk Revit software and associated BIM systems since 2005.

We value a collaborative approach and are committed to maximising the potential benefits of BIM for our clients:

  • We utilise the latest software and database development environments.
  • We regularly monitoring developments in all areas of BIM, particularly in new applications beneficial to our clients.
  • We are proficient in database, application and web design and development. We can add greater value to your BIM solutions by integrating custom systems development.
  • We follow established Australian and international standards for data structures, element classification for integrated solutions.

Redbike Internationally
Through our working association with buildingSMART Australasia and buildingSMART International, we have formed a detailed understanding and support for the collaborative working environment as well as international standards for ‘Open BIM’ such as IFC, bSDD, BCF and the Common Object Library platform to compliment local Australian and New Zealand standards for effective BIM.

We believe this gives us a total overview for both on-the-ground practical implementation and integral knowledge of current processes and standards, as well as providing an opportunity to contribute to future directions.

Also through this association we have formed a close working relationship with USA based BIM consultants, VDCO Tech and particularly their V.P. Operations and Facility Integration, Birgitta Foster, with whom we are developing VDCO Maps - an online solution for FM data collection, collation and field verification.

Reccently in 2017, we have commenced involvement with Standards Australia Committee BD-104-00-01 (BIM ISO Standards) and a buildingSMART International project to develop a Object Library exchange standard for BIM.

Through our growing network of relationships, we have access to knowledge, resources and experience to deliver world standard BIM solutions while remaining a small, agile and cost effective business.

Contact us to discuss how Redbike can assist you with your BIM solutions.

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