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One of the major benefits of BIM in construction is its ability to identify potential construction issues prior to work commencing on site. Identification and resolution during pre-construction can dramatically reduce costly rectification delays, ultimately reducing costs and streamlining the construction process.

Whether high-level site logistics planning, communicating intended methodology, or finite modelling for constructability, where the 'devil is in the detail', Redbike's BIM capabilities together with your construction knowledge offers opportunities to minimise construction issues and streamline processes like:

BIM Management
Redbike provides capabilities to develop practical and affective BIM Management Plans to align with the project BIM brief and other specific requirements. From initial start-up BIM team workshops through ongoing and regular BIM management and co-ordination meetings, we oversee each discipline’s models to ensure quality compliance standards and model integrity are being met.

BIM Co-ordination
In the world of BIM, co-ordination is usually referred to as 'collision detection' or 'clash detection'. It is recognised as one of the primary BIM processes involving periodic computer scans of the federated BIM with managed reports produced against each discipline. It can offer significant benefits to construction efficiency and risk reduction.

Frequently, BIM articles and case-studies talk about the need for finite clash-detection with thousands of clashes reported. While we don't disagree with the methodology in principle, we believe a pragmatic approach, given the needs and capabilities of the project provides greater overall benefit to the team. There is even a place for 'old-school' 2D overlays and manual co-ordination - if that is the best opportunity available.

Redbike will work with your team to develop the most practical approach to co-ordination management in-line with project provisions.

Integrated Programming and Cost Planning (4D/5D BIM)
Redbike can work with your programmers and estimators to provide opportunities to simulate the construction programme with associated cash-flow and cost estimates, often referred to as 4D and 5D BIM.

These processes, in conjunction with the construction programme and 'rolled-up' task estimates offer a level of visualisation of construction which is not possible with conventional methods. It enables:

  • better planning of temporary works and structures like hoardings, scaffolding, etc. and their effect on surrounding activities like pedestrian and traffic movement;
  • conflict and clash detection during the pre-construction and construction phases;
  • resource and time minimisation in the programme;
  • more effective communication of the construction methodology between different project stakeholders;
  • potential risk identification, particularly health and safety or environmental impact;
  • the ability to show estimated costs at any point in the construction time-line;

BIM to Field/Field to BIM
With current BIM compatible survey equipment, the model can be used to establish highly accurate and efficient site set-out to establish boundaries and grid lines, even slab penetrations and building services.

Similarly, this technology can be used to collect data from site and incorporate into the BIM to assist with validation of construction work.

Redbike works in collaboration with NovaMech to provide cost effective, state-of-the-art 3D scanning and BIM/Field services tailored to suit your specific project requirements.

As-built and FM Handover
Many commercial, education and institutional owners are requiring an as-built BIM (sometimes referred to as 'record model') that can be used as a basis for future works. Additionally, owners are requiring 'FM Handover' which consists of a defined set of facility data collected during construction and formulated for import to their facility management systems.

Redbike works with contractors, sub-contractors and supply chain to develop accurate as-built models with associated data, relevant to established owner and operations requirements. We are able to offer a range of record modelling capabilities from simply incorporating sub-contractor mark-up to integrated photography and 3D scanning.

We understand that as-built modelling and more particularly, provision of facility information for FM can be challenging for contractors and sub-contractors. Redbike comes with a long history in CAD and BIM technology development and experience in data integration and related software development.

We understand the need to define FM Handover requirements as well as standards for general data structure (COBie), or more specific structures required by proprietary FM systems.

Contact us to discuss how Redbike's solutions can assist you to deliver your project more effectively.

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