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The longest and most costly part of a building lifecycle is obviously the operations and maintenance along with asset management. For many years the facility manager has been handed a mountain of material in the form of architectural, engineering and as-built construction drawings, plus boxes of O & M manuals for the mechanical and electrical equipment.

This material is often a mix of dis-connected digital data, requiring legacy computer applications to read them, and hard copy media and cannot be easily updated over time. Over the years much knowledge is acquired in the minds of employees who often take it with them when they move on.

When the building information model is developed to as-built and integrated with compatible FM computer systems all information is contained within an integrated virtual facility management environment.

Having a BIM solution provides corporate real estate managers, facility managers and maintenance personnel with more accurate and up-to-date information for more effective:

  • Space/Tenancy Management
    Integrated spatial, occupancy, fit-out and F.F. & E. data in a virtual building model can highlight areas of spatial inefficiency, assist with tenancy mamagement/performance and assist with move management.
  • Change Management
    Particularly in large office buildings or large organisations, relocation of tenants and personnel or retro-fitting is a common occurrence that relies heavily on current and accurate knowledge of existing conditions. Design teams commonly have to perform site measures before they can begin a new office fit out as there is insufficient information on hand. Having a constantly up-to-date BIM as the basis for new works can save significant time and cost in retro-fitting.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Facility Managers can use the BIM with energy simulation systems to analyse the energy efficiency of the facility and trial various scenarios and cost models. This can show where changes in design, materials and equipment can reduce the operating costs of the facility.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    Information about the building, its mechanical and electrical equipment and building systems integrated with maintenance and repair/replacement schedules provides greater knowledge and more effective programming.

While Redbike does not provide Facility Management services, we can assist in the preparation of the BIM and systems integration. Developing the as-built model with final equipment specifications and support for data exchange standards such as IFC and COBie can greatly enhance the transition to BIM/FM.

Contact us to discuss how Redbike's solutions can assist you manage your facility more effectively.

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