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As an owner, operator or developer (often the client), you can achieve significant benefits from the application of BIM technologies and processes on your project.

The transition to BIM holds great promise in enabling all parties to a construction project to collaborate from the outset in establishing new ways to design buildings, and new ways to manage the design and construction processes.

BIM provides the design and construction processes with essentially the same computer based prototyping that has given us motor vehicles that are increasingly safer, more reliable, better performing, more environmentally friendly, and effective cheaper than ever before. The same should be expected of BIM developed buildings.

As a client you are in a position to implement BIM on your projects and leverage greater collaboration between design disciplines, builders and sub-contractors and aim for greater return on your facility and BIM investment.

Redbike can assist through a range of services designed to streamline the strategy development, modelling and data requirements specification, management planning, and validation for compliance with specifications.

We help you understand what you need, and make sure that you get it.

Contact us to discuss how Redbike's solutions can assist you to deliver your project more effectively.

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