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As a specialist BIM Manager and service provider, Redbike builds better BIM by focussing on what we believe is the most important area of Building Information Modelling – INTEGRATED INFORMATION – the often forgotten “I” of BIM.

Our approach is to avoid the hype, keep it simple, relevant and beneficial.

Beyond the model, we fully support collaborative working relationships as the foundation of all BIM activity. We are keen to push the boundaries and work towards a more productive construction industry, for this is how we contribute to our own long term growth.

We apply innovative thinking to deliver specialist BIM services with integrated information for your increased productivity through:

BIM Services
  • BIM Planning & Data specification;
  • Model development;
  • Coordination (clash-detection);
  • Issue tracking;
  • Data integration;
  • Quantities;
  • Procurement;
  • Record Modelling;
  • FM Handover.
BIM Development

With integrated building information comes innovative solutions for automating processes to deliver the many outcomes required by project stakeholders all through the building life-cycle:

  • Strategic planning and implementation;
  • Standards, guides and protocol development;
  • Content (family) library development;
  • Revit customisation;
  • Application (addin) development;
  • Database integration;
  • Online systems development.

Contact us to discuss how Redbike can assist you with your BIM solutions.

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